Thursday, 9 October 2014

Look Beyond the Shocking Bright Turquoise Kitchen for a Decent 3 Bedroom Semi (7.0% Gross Yield)

I've never seen such a retina-burning turquoise kitchen (click're intrigued aren't you!). This may put many owner-occupiers off but those investors able to see beyond it and who are willing to spend a little to decorate and sort the garden out can pick up a decent investment here

Given it's ex-council the rooms will be a good size and it comes with a decent garden (admittedly this is in a bit of a state) so with a bit of TLC and decoration it will easily achieve £495pcm

It's priced at £77,500 but I'd allow at least another £5 or £6k to bring it up to a good lettable standard - worst case basing the calculations on a total investment of £85,000 it will return 7.0% Gross Yield

Click here for the shocking kitchen! Your Move will wonder why it's suddenly getting so many visits!

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