Friday, 17 October 2014

Hurry!! Open Viewing Sat 18th Oct! One of the Best 'Doer-Upper' Bargains I've Seen in Ages (+7% Gross Yield + Lots of Capital Growth Potential)

You've no time to waste on this one! There's an Open Viewing at 11am on Sat 18th October (tomorrow!) and I guarantee this will get snapped up!

It needs A LOT of work so won't be for everyone - you'd need to factor in around £20k for a full refurb throughout including new kitchen and bathroom but once done, given this is in a very sought after 'owner occupier' area, professional family tenants will be fighting over themselves to snap it up for the long term

The most recent 3 bed semi let in this street went for £695 in a matter of days last year

Based on that figure and a total investment of £115,000 it will deliver 7.2% Gross Yield

Looking at capital growth potential, nothing has been sold in this street after the housing market crash but prior to that similar 3 bed semis were going for between £160 - £170k so there is a lot of scope for capital appreciation as we see prices start to rise again

Click here for details

Call us on 0191 567 8577 for more information or better still, get down to the open viewing and if successful, call us next week!

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