Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Don't Miss Out On Any Investment Bargains!

I try to email a weekly update with links to all posts that have been published within the previous week but having spoken to a couple of disappointed investors I'm conscious that waiting for the weekly email means you may miss out on an investment bargain if it gets snapped up in the days beforehand 

You don't need to risk missing out anymore! 

If you're viewing this on a PC (rather than a phone or tablet where it would default to 'Mobile View', which doesn't have the facility) there will be a 'Follow By Email' box on the right of the page, near the red title block at the top, where you can enter your email address and get an email alert for each new post!

Alternatively at the same place at the top of the page you can subscribe to an RSS Feed but that's a bit more complicated and you'd need an RSS Feed Reader, such as bloglines so unless you are an avid consumer of many blogs my advice would be just to stick to the email alerts!

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