Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Newcastle Has Itchy Feet, With More Than Double the Number of Property Sales Than in Sunderland!

An interesting (and often overlooked) indicator into the health of a property market is the amount of times that properties change hands

There are 119,758 properties in Sunderland and 11,031 have changed hands in the last 7 years 

Newcastle may have a slightly lower 117,153 properties, but of these 27,650 properties were sold within the last 7 years

This works out as 23.6% of the Newcastle property market changing hands, which is more than double our 9.2% in Sunderland 

There will be a number of factors influencing these trends and it's difficult to discern whether when viewed in isolation, significantly fewer transactions taking place in Sunderland is a good or a bad thing for an Investor

You should consider every small detail about the property, the local area and also find out as much about the state of the market as a whole before making a decision to buy, be it for yourself or as a Buy to Let investment

It's only by getting a broad understanding of the market, assimilating all manner of facts & figures like these, that will allow you to make an informed long-term decision 

We constantly advise investors to consider their exit strategy before purchasing a property and whilst the above only gives one small historic insight into the relative performance of two property markets it's worth considering in this context as you need to know about the immediate chance of letting to Good Tenants but equally need to know how easy it will be to sell when you choose to cash in your investment

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