Thursday, 20 November 2014

Bargain Established Rental 3 Bedroom End Terrace (7.9% Gross Yield)

This 3 bedroom end terrace has been rental property for some time and given it's also periodically appeared on For Sale in recent years, when combined with the bargain price all the evidence suggests it's owned by a 'Reluctant Landlord' looking to finally sell-up

Instead of selling, if they're in a position to do so, the owners should hold onto it, as it's exactly the sort of property that will generate good yields and attract no shortage of Good Tenants for years to come

Having 3 bedrooms it will be popular and should attract long term tenants (it takes longer to outgrow a 3 bedroom property than a 2 bedroom!)

It's pretty much 'Ready to Let', admittedly to a basic standard & it will return 7.9% Gross Yield based on paying the £74,950 asking price and getting a very achievable £495pcm rent

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