Monday, 12 May 2014

Sunderland Buy to Let - Rule #1

Rule #1- Everything Lets

When potential investors come to see us, they're often concerned whether the property they buy will let. They needn't be – it doesn't matter if it’s a palace or a flea pit – everything lets (but that’s certainly not a recommendation to buy a flea pit, unless you plan to do it up!)

Rather than 'Will it let?' the questions investors should be asking are 
  1. Who it will let to? A 4 bed terrace in Alice Street is far more likely to attract sharers or students than a family, for example
  2. How much they will be willing to pay?
If an investor can answer the above and the answers fit in with their financial goals and objectives, they can then start to dig a little deeper

As an aside,  every now and then a Landlord comes in to see us with a property that he’s been unable to let through another agent 

Without wanting to stick up for our competitors, we know 9 times out of 10 that either; 
  1. It’s badly presented 
  2. He's overpriced it
  3. There isn't usually a 3...

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