Friday, 24 June 2016

Is There A House Under There? 3 Bed Semi To Add To Your 'Watch List' For A Possible Flip

This three bedroom semi is on a very sought after street but the ivy covering the entire front of the house and overgrown rear gardens may be offputting to many, so it might be one to keep a watchful eye on in anticipation of making a cheeky offer in due course

I'd view this as a possible Flip rather than a Buy to Let but I suppose that depends on the offer that's accepted - it certainly would attract tenant interest if that was the route chosen

There aren't any directly comparable sales recorded in this street on the Land Registry (the most recent sales are for a bungalow and more modern 1960's semi's) but given all the For Sale properties nearby are currently on the market for £200k or above if you can secure a discount then bring this up to a good standard I'd suggest there will be an opportunity for profit to be made

It's just gone on the market with Hackett's so click here for details and call them for a viewing 

If you'd like to talk to me about this property, Flipping properties for profit or any aspect of property investment in Sunderland please call me on 0191 567 8577 or email

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