Monday, 12 October 2015

Cheap & Nasty 5 Bedroom Student House - Needs "A Comprehensive Scheme of Upgrading" but Very Close to University

This 5 bedroom student terraced house is cheap at only £79,000 but the price reflects the fact that it will need a lot of work - even the Estate Agent selling it admits that!

I would exercise extreme caution about jumping into the shared student house market in Sunderland (the reasons are too numerous for this blog post - if you're interested to know why please give me a call...) but it could work for an experienced investor

The location is a positive, being in The Knoll which is a grotty studenty street about 200m from the Chester Road campus - it's really only this fact that makes me even put it on here as one to consider given students do like to be as close as possible to the Uni so it should let (even when the market is moving away from shared houses)

There's only 1 external pic so I'd assume the worst and hold your nose if viewing it....

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I would strongly advise anyone who's not an experienced Sunderland student landlord to walk away but for those who do fit the bill and are interested please all me on 0191 567 8577 or email for more info 

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