Monday, 14 September 2015

40% Off Original Purchase Price - Bonners Raff (SR6) Apartment (6.2% Gross Yield)

This 2 bedroom apartment is in the sought after Bonners Raff development close to St Peters Metro, the National Glass Centre and the University St Peters Campus

Bonners Raff is a class above some of the other Sunderland apartment complexes built in the mid-2000's and attracts professional tenants as well as a smattering of students (but it's by no means the student Hall of Residence that some now are)

A quick glance at the Listing History on Zoopla reveals this was bought as new for £227,500 back in 2007, so at £135,000 it is only 60% of the original value

That means there is room for some Capital Growth - I'd be very skeptical about it ever getting back to the 2007 level but that doesn't mean that it won't increase organically with the market over time - it would be reasonable to suggest it's unlikely to fall further in value

Rents in Bonners Raff range from £650 - £750pcm depending on the layout of the apartment and as the description doesn't give too much away I've calculated the Yield on £700pcm, returning 6.2% Gross Yield

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