Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Daily Telegraph Reveals the UK's BTL Hotspots for 2015...Is Sunderland On The List?

The eagerly awaited Daily Telegraph Top 10 BTL Hotspots is revealed, showing "The best UK towns & cities for landlord investment" based on Annual Yield calculations

Here's the table: 

Location % of housing stock privately rented Average house price Average annual rent Rental yield 
Manchester 26.85% £108,870 £8,628 7.98% 
Kingston upon Hull 19.02% £69,135 £5,400 7.81% 
Blackpool 24.16% £79,654 £5,856 7.35% 
Forest Heath 21.80% £171,322 £12,432 7.26% 
Coventry 19.02% £116,946 £8,424 7.20% 
Southampton23.42% £151,415 £10,800 7.13% 
Nottingham 21.64% £89,312 £6,288 7.04% 
Liverpool 21.75% £90,426 £5,928 6.56% 
Cardiff 20.32% £150,892 £9,624 6.38% 
Portsmouth 22.28% £155,696 £9,900 6.36%

Click here for the full article, it's worth a read 

Regular readers of this blog may raise an eyebrow about the lack of any North East cities and given what we know about the potential returns in the City, the lack Sunderland in particular

Whilst this blog is full of properties that will deliver far better returns than the 6% - 7% Gross Yield shown in many of the Towns & Cities above, ultimately Sunderland is not on the list because, taking all of the investment properties in the City as a whole the returns are going to be generally lower 

This backs up what I've consistently advised - that to outperform the average returns you really need to be well informed about what to buy & where to buy (and what not to buy)

If you'd like to have a chat about any aspects of property investment in Sunderland, to ensure that you do get the very best possible returns, please call me on 0191 567 8577 or email

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