Wednesday, 25 February 2015

5th Floor, Tenanted Echo 24 Apartment (9.75% Gross Yield)

This 5th Floor Echo 24 Apartment is currently tenanted and just like the five apartments recently made available at auction, looks to be a decent investment based on the £80,000 price

Around £80,000 is the going rate for Echo 24 apartments (one of our Landlords picked up 3 of the 5 at auction for around this price earlier this month) and based on this and a conservative £650pcm rent you'll achieve 9.75% Gross Yield

Anyone considering this will need to know and accept that you'll probably be renting to International Students with all the Pro's and Con's this entails, that the service charges are ludicrously high and not content with that, the communal managers are now finding innovative new ways to separate apartment owners from their rental incomes (recently introduced change of tenant/renewal fees, annual services on electric boilers...!?) so the Net Yield will be significantly lower - but it can still make an investment for some

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