Friday, 23 January 2015

Sunderland Selective Licensing To End in 2015

I don't normally post about the 'nuts & bolts' of letting in Sunderland or go into the technicalities of legislative changes but this is quite important and more importantly could affect Sunderland Landlord's investments, so it's worth sharing

From 1st July 2010 all landlords wishing to rent their property in the Middle Hendon & Long Streets area had to apply for a License as part of the Selective Licensing powers given to the Council

The Selective Licensing scheme had a 5 year lifespan, meaning it is due to end 30th June this year

I was not alone in assuming that it would continue beyond that date, however during a conversation with Sunderland Council Housing Office this week I've learned that when the scheme ends later this year it will not be renewed - instead the council are keen to promote their Accredited Landlords Scheme (which is not compulsory)

This means that anyone who currently holds a License will not be required to renew it when it runs out (they last 5 years) and that anyone looking to rent their property in the affected areas after 1st July 2015 will not have to apply for a License

As I'm currently dealing with such a case, I'm waiting to hear back from the Council as to what happens with new Landlords who wish to rent their property between now and the Selective Licensing end date in June but I'm hoping common sense will prevail...

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